my art

For Christmas

So i am working on different Christmas themed stuff. I found the best thing to be Christmas ornaments. I don't know if I will get them add done by break but I will try.

My new idea

Ok so i went to a pottery sale at BC and that gave me new inspiration on stuff to do. The thing that i have started on is fixing the problem i have with unpredictable glazing. What i am now doing is glazing before it goes in the bisque then after just dipping it in clear. i did a test on the differen't glazes to see if they still turn out the same color, the only one i found so far to be different is the shadow green. 

What i have been up to.

      First off i have been helping students with the wheel, then i was doing class work such as chiping mixing glazes insted of working on personal projects, but I did finally get something done. And sadly my attempt to make a rain stick didn't work I need to do it all in one day(at home) to prevent drying overnight.
     I have been working on a Christmas music box that plays walking in a winter wonderland. The box turned out perfectly structure wise. It was a rectangular with snow flakes of different sizes all around it it says winter wonderland on one side and has a snow man and light on the other. The only thing that frustrates me is the glaze. It is extremely unpredictable and now the snow man looks evil, though it is kinda cool.

This is the last complete creation

This is the last thing that i have finished, though he isn't finished in this picture. the person i gave it to is quite content with him. The turtles name is shrult.

Art, its a way to express yourself when no one is lessening, and a good way to share yourself with others.